Saturday, February 2, 2013

Electronic Cigarettes HOT! Our digital world makes them...

Gary Fowler of Analog Solutions, Executive Technology Recruiter writes about the boom in electronic cigarettes...

I was surfing the internet and found an interesting article from Forbes Online.

I have seen the commercials and heard about these electronic 'sticks', but never really knew how popular they were.

Did you know Lorillard (third largest tobacco company) bought Blu Ecigs for $135 million.

Did you also know up to almost 500 million dollars annually is made in this 'electronic cigarette' industry?

There is nicotine in the cigarettes, definitely still not optimum, but it doesn't have the tar 'smoke' from regular cigarettes. There is no second hand damage to those around you as well. And because it has actual nicotine in it, statistics have proven this little electronic cig has better 'conversion' rates (meaning once someone starts the electronic cigarette they are less likely than any other type of 'cease smoking' solution to pick back up a real one).

Gary Fowler,


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