Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Semiconductor Industry Down in 2012

     As an analog recruiter serving the chip industry, we understand that semiconductor manufacturing is vital to Silicon Valley.

     Sales and employment figures impact the region, the industry and also our business as a semiconductor recruiter.

     We’ve built our reputation as a power recruiter by successfully following and adapting to sales and employment trends in the market.  It’s the best way to serve our clients.

     There are nearly 50,000 people working at some 249 semiconductor businesses in Santa Clara County alone, according to California's Employment Development Department.  The industry remains a major employer in Silicon Valley. 

     With that said, the industry suffered a set back in 2012.  MercuryNews.com reported after an all time sales high in 2011, the industry that built the information revolution was down last year by nearly 6%, and suffered a 38% decline in profit!

    According to the research firm IHS, only eight of the world’s largest 25 chipmakers experienced positive growth last year, while nine companies experienced double-digit hits.  The researchers referred to 2012 as "a miserable year for the semiconductor market and suppliers."

     It’s not yet known whether the 2012 numbers are a trend, or simply an anomaly.  But in an uncertain economy, businesses can’t afford to take risks, especially when securing their most important resource.  People.

     Take the risk out of your next candidate search and go with the firm that has nearly three decades of recruitment expertise in the semiconductor industry: Analog Solutions

     Our name says it all. We know the analog and digital semiconductor industry.  We’ve helped some of the biggest names in the field.  We appreciate the high precision design and manufacturing required to produce chips.  More importantly, we understand the need to find the right people to work in this field, and we know how to get them!

     When you know something inside and out, you stay with it.  You build upon it. At Analog Solutions, we know the semiconductor industry, and we know how to find the right people to work in it.

Gary Fowler, Executive Technology Recruiter, Analog Solutions
Semiconductor and Analog Industry Recruiter

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