Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Restructuring is not always bad in our Analog Semiconductor Industry

As Fujitsu announced earlier this year it was expanding and 'partnering' with like minded companies, in the Semiconductor and Analog Industry. Analog Solutions is a Semiconductor Executive Search and Executive Technology Recruiter, and we follow the industry closely.

Fujitsu Semiconductor has faced a difficulties with it's sales environment, as well as an extremely competitive market place. This has forwarded the company to look for a stronger foundation for their portfolio of semiconductor products. This initiated the process for the transfer of ownership of it's assembly plants and test facilities.

In February, Fujitsu decided to start a company that will operate as an independent company with a Panasonic Partnership. Fujitsu is considering numerous options with the aim of offering a stable supply of products to customers through its micro-controller and analog device businesses.

Their plan to expand and create robust stability include:
  • Integration with Panasonic's System LSI Business
  • Launch new products in the Microcontroller and Analog Device Business
  • Fujitsu Semiconductor's New Direction and Business Restructuring

Gary Fowler, Executive Technology Recruiter, Analog Solutions, Semiconductor Industry, Angela Hood, Shane Todd, Shawn Fowler

Friday, March 15, 2013

Smartphones Smartphones Smartphones

Photo Courtesy of NY Times
Analog Recruiter, Semiconductor Recruiter, Semiconductor Executive Search, Analog Solutions Executive technology recruiter talks about…Samsung's Smart Phone, that plays on Apple's turf here in the US.

JK Shin, President of Samsung Mobile Communications states about the phone...“Once you spend time with the Galaxy S 4, I’m very confident you’ll find how its innovations make your life simple and fuller."

Yesterday Radio City Music Hall in New York City was packed with the unveiling of Samsung's Galaxy S 4. There are some fancy features to this smart phone:
  • Controlled by hand gestures (Simply waving your hand in front of the screen will make it scroll)
  • Smart Sensing (The camera detects if a person is looking at the phone and will move the camera to compensate for the angle the phone is tilted)
  • Features a 5 inch 1080pixel screen, slightly larger than the iphone5
Samsung has beat out Apple as far as market share worldwide. But, it is still often criticized as a "copycat" of Apple (at least in the US). But Samsung is well on it's way to changing this perception with innovations such as the Galaxy S 4.

Facts from New York Times: Apple’s iPhones fly off the shelves in the United States, but Samsung is still the top seller of smartphones worldwide.

Gary Fowler, Executive Technology Recruiter, Analog Solutions, Semiconductor Industry, Angela Hood, Shane Todd, Shawn Fowler