Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Analog Recruiter in me Likes Technology

I like to read a lot, especially about things that interest me.  So being an analog recruiter means I like to read up on new trends in technology, and also recruiting.  Lately, I’ve been seeing more and more articles about these two areas merging.  When I see that, I can’t help myself.  The analog recruiter in me gets excited!

Last week I wrote about how businesses are using social media tools in their recruiting efforts to get to know their candidates better.  Now, there is a firm that is delivering recruiting directly to the place where young people are spending much of their time: their smartphones.

CACI is a business that provides information technology solutions to federal agencies involved with national security, intelligence, and defense.  They’re a successful company, and part of the Fortune 1000 Largest Companies list.  They have about 15,000 employees working in offices around the world.

More importantly, CACI is a power recruiter!

This information industry leader just launched a new smartphone app to attract job-seekers to their company.  It’s a brilliant move.  If you’re looking to attract young, dynamic individuals with talent, then you have to find ways to attract their attention while they text, check in on Four Square, or leave a status update on Facebook.

It looks like CACI has found a way to do that.

CACI has been on the cutting edge before with their recruiting efforts.  In 2012, they won the Recruiting Department of the Year Award.  To me, it looks like innovation is a big part of their successful recruiting efforts.

That’s something we share with them.  Analog Solutions recruits for a small, select group of firms in the semiconductor industry.  Need help with your recruiting, we know how to find the right people for your opening.

Let Analog Solutions help you with your next candidate search.

Source:  http://www.ere.net/2013/06/14/caci-launches-new-mobile-careers-app/ ; LIKE and COMMENT your thoughts about recruiting going mobile.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Analog World and Social Media

Our analog recruiting world indirectly affects social media, and we love it!

It wasn’t that long ago that the business community viewed social media as unimportant, a fad that young people used to waste time.  Many didn’t see how social media could be a benefit to business, and some of those same folks thought it would fade away.

Well, those days are over!  To say social media is here to stay seems like a pretty obvious statement in 2013.  What is surprising, though, is how businesses are discovering new ways to apply the power of social media tools to their daily tasks.

One area of business where social media is taking root is in the field of recruiting.  The rumors that hiring officials have been checking out candidates on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are true.  While LinkedIn is a natural for seeing what a candidate brings to a job professionally, Facebook and Twitter allow companies to get a sense of who the job seeker is as a person. 

Some might not be pleased with hiring officials checking out social sites, but checking candidates out is a legitimate way to minimize hiring risks.  Social media allows recruiters to get a better picture of a candidate, by learning about their likes, dislikes, and interests. 

In a recent article on ere.net, Raj Sheth suggests that companies may want to consider expanding their job search beyond LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to other social sites such as Quora, where you can gain insight into their career expertise.

Quora is both a blog site, and also a question and answer site.  It’s a mix of Blogger and Wikipedia, where users can get questions answered from blogs that were previously written. 

Sheth writes, “Quora enables you to take a deeper look into potential candidates. Other sites might scratch the surface, but Quora will highlight competitive intelligence, dialogue, and a reflective experience… Quora answers the question: Do they really know their stuff?”

Another social tool is Dribble.  The site showcases the work of web, graphic, interior and fashion designers.  It’s a great way to find a candidate by seeing their work first.  Then you can decide whether or not to pursue that person further.

Quora and Dribble are just two social tools available for use by recruiters.  There are many others where the work or thoughts of candidates can be discovered.  “As recruiters,” Sheth states, “we have to figure out what we can get out of these tools.”

Social media continues to change, evolve and grow.  As it does, it is proving to be a valuable tool to businesses not just in marketing their products or services, but also in attracting talent.

Source: http://www.ere.net/2013/06/06/social-media-recruiting-beyond-facebook-twitter-and-linkedin/#more-32473

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Analog Recruiter shares cell phone study

As an analog recruiter I am constantly keeping up with cell phones and the
technology of communication through these devices.

The Pew Research Centers Internet and American Life Project released a new study on cell phone use recently.  The study showed that the majority of cell phones in use today are smartphones. 

That’s a new tipping point for the cellular industry.  Smartphone usage among U.S. adults grew to 56% in the past year, with 35% of cell users having a non-smartphone, and 9% not using any type of mobile phone at all.

The study indicated that those without smartphones tended to be low income, with a low educational attainment. 

The iPhone was identified as an “elite” device, since its owners had a higher level of education and income. 

Usage by device broke down tis way:
·      28% use Android,
·      25% use iPhone,
·      4% Blackberry,
·      1% Windows.

So what do the statistics really mean? 

They seem to indicate that the futuristic vision of Americans using advanced consumer technology devices is actually here.  We’re living that future---right now.  

On the other hand, the data shows that while these very cool, futuristic devices are available, they have not spread into all the sectors of the population yet.  Technology costs money, and not everyone has it in equal amounts to spend on smartphones.  Yet truly widespread use is just a matter of time.

The 56% usage number is a big deal.  Smartphones, powered by semiconductors, are here to stay.  Their use will only spread as technology costs continue to drop over time.  

We’re proud to be associated with the industry that makes smartphone use possible, the semiconductor industry.  The people we place in that field make these wonderful, futuristic devices possible.

Source: http://www.knightdigitalmediacenter.org/news/2013/06/who-isnt-using-smartphone-yet

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Semiconductors Improve Our Lives

       Analog Solutions meets the needs of the chip industry as a semiconductor recruiter, and also an analog recruiter.  We’re proud to serve an industry that makes a product found in nearly every electronic device throughout the world.  It’s a fair statement to say that the semiconductor industry has improved the quality of all our lives. 

     Having brought about the information revolution, semiconductors are closely tied with computers.  However, their use has spread to multiple products that touch us daily.  The Semiconductor Industry Association recently looked at the positive impact of the chip and its industry.

     Semiconductors are in products that entertain us such as TVs, in smartphones that we use for many things, including communication, and in cars giving us better fuel economy.  Semiconductors are also used in planes helping with navigation, in military systems that protect us, and in healthcare systems that diagnose us.

     They also help bring the cost of technology products down.  Remember what a big, clunky cell phone cost in 1984?  Compare that to your smart phone today.

     Semiconductors are also in the top three U.S. manufactured exports for the United States, behind automobiles and ahead of planes.

     The industry has a further positive impact on our economy as a job creator and supporter.  Nearly 245,000 people work in the field, and one semiconductor job supports 4.89 other jobs across the U.S. economy.  That means there are more than 1 million additional jobs because of this industry.

     Those working in semiconductors also contribute more to the economy because their salary is 2.5 times higher than what the average U.S. worker earns.   

     The bottom line is this: The semiconductor industry is good for our country and the world, contributing positively to our economy, protecting our freedoms, and enriching our lives.

     Analog Solutions has built our reputation as a power recruiter in the semiconductor field by recognizing the importance of this industry.  This highly technical, highly specialized field requires the right people to work in it, if it is to continue to impact our lives positively. 

     We’ve recruited for some of the biggest names in the field.  We understand the need to find the right people, and we know how to get them because we know the analog and digital semiconductor business!

Gary Fowler, Executive Technology Recruiter, Analog Solutions
Semiconductor and Analog Industry Recruiter

Saturday, June 1, 2013

President of Analog Solutions, Gary Fowler, drives annually at 
Talladega Superspeedway! One of Gary's passions, besides being an Analog Recruiter, is driving Sprint Cup Cars! Here is a recent 20 laps dooooooooooown in super lightening speed by Gary....