Friday, April 26, 2013

As an Analog Recruiter I must stay up to date!

Gary Fowler here with Analog Solutions. Our technology driven world is always changing for a recruiter, especially in the analog and semiconductor industry.

Did you know that for this year, the semiconductor industry is going to grow 4.5%? That is 303 billion dollars according to the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics. This growth means tremendous needs for new employees and new recruits to fill the demand.

Nearly a quarter of a million people in the US are employed by jobs in this industry. A neat fact to share as well, the growth for this field is three times the rate than other areas in the US market.

Engineers are in high demand at all levels from college graduate, computer science, computer engineering, and electrical engineering (in both hard line and software) just to name a few!

But, did you know personality measures in heavily as well?

Traits high level employers look for:
  • Constant desire to learn
  • Ability to operate well in a multi-cultural environment
  • Open mind to new innovative ideas and solutions
  • High "emotional" IQ is important, not just intellectual IQ
  • This high emotional IQ is important when working with global teams of people that don't necessarily understand all components of the technical world
  • Self-motivated and able to 'hit the ground' running
  • Strong analog fundementals
  • Good communications ability
Keep an eye out for next weeks blog on the successful way to work with a seasoned recruiter!

Gary Fowler, Executive Technology Recruiter, Analog Solutions, Semiconductor and Analog Industry Recruiter